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accessible to all


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Over 40% of Irish adults have a mental health difficulty (source), which is in line with other developed nations around the world, however, decades of underfunding have resulted in chronic shortages of mental health services across the state. Just 5.1% of the 2023 annual health budget is spent on mental health services (€1.2 bn of €23.4 bn budget – source), while the World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of 12% (source) for developed nations.

This shortage in funds has unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, affected the most vulnerable members of society the most. The Mental Health Commission published reports in 2023 that showcased around 4,000 people on waiting lists to receive mental health care across the state (source), with suicidal children waiting over 50 days to speak to a mental health professional (source).

This lack of funding is leading to devastating outcomes for children and families across the country, and putting unbearable strain on our wonderful mental health professionals and teams. The trauma experienced often leads to far more costly downstream issues such as addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, anti social behaviour and absenteeism to name a few. These issues are complex and very difficult to address, but early intervention with proper mental health services would dramatically reduce the cost to the state and society. This is why The Reuven Field Foundation has been set up with the mission to Make Mental Health Services Accessible to All.



Our first project is funding a Rural Mobile Mental Health Unit that provides care to recently housed homeless people who have been granted a tenancy by Peter McVerry Trust, a well established national housing and homelessness charity. These vulnerable individuals need healthcare for a mental health difficulty but have been housed in a rural area that does not have transport links to key services that are located in urban centres.

On September 1st 2023 we hired the first member of this Mobile Mental Health Unit, a Clinical Nurse Specialist (Mental Health Nurse), who travels to visit individuals and families with identified mental health difficulties. We have signed a partnership with Peter McVerry Trust who have identified and are in contact with these vulnerable people, and we will fund the services and care they need to help them avoid slipping back into homelessness.

Every euro that you donate will go towards funding this team of professional mobile mental health care providers, as our founder and board of directors have committed to funding all administration and running costs of the charity so that your money goes to where it makes a difference.

Mobile Mental Health Unit

Year 2 Donations : €3,631 / €82,500

Our minimum target is to raise €82,500 each year so we can employ a Clinical Nurse Specialist (Mental Health Nurse) and provide them with a vehicle so they can reach vulnerable individuals and families. We have reached our goal for 2023 and are now fundraising for the second year of this project.